Tattoos By Dave Nielsen

Hand And Eye Tattoo

2716 Atwood Ave.

Madison, WI. 53704


Hand And Eye Tattoo is open by appointment. Walk-ins are welcome when time allows. It's always best to plan ahead.

Dave Nielsen has been drawing and creating art in one form or another for his entire life. Whether it was drawing or painting there was always something keeping his hands busy. He started tattooing in 1997 and has been tattooing in Madison, Wisconsin since 2001. 

2017 marks the opening of Hand And Eye Tattoo at 2716 Atwood Avenue located in the Atwood Studios building. Atwood studios is full of many talented artists and Dave Nielsen is very pleased to join the group. 

Dave is happy to work in a variety of styles and is comfortable jumping from one to another and sometimes mixing them together. If realism is your thing, Dave Nielsen can do it. Same goes for anything from traditional tattoos to fine art reproduction. Dave is just as happy doing color, black and gray or even just line work. Dave enjoys a challenge so don't be afraid to ask. He can do cover up tattoos too. Have a tattoo that you don't like? Let Dave cover it up for you.

Please do keep in mind that not every idea will translate nicely into a tattoo. Some things just won't stand the test of time as your skin ages. If Dave doesn't think it will work he will let you know. Please don't take offense to this, it's with the best of intentions. Everyone's ideas are important.

If you would like to get a tattoo from Dave you can contact him at

To see Dave's latest posts on Instagram look up @dave_nielsen or here is a link to copy and paste,

For scheduling appointments please call or text 608-957-2173. If Dave doesn't answer he may be busy and will return your call or text as soon as possible.

If you would like to purchase a gift card online please go to:

Wear bandage for at least 4 hours. Wash your hands before removing your bandage. Upon removal of bandage, immediately wash your tattoo using unscented soap and your finger tips. Wash until all ointment and blood are removed. This usually requires several washings. Do not use any sort of wash cloth or scrubby thing as this will be far too abrasive.Wash your tattoo frequently for the first day. Every couple of hours or so is what I suggest.

Continue washing your tattoo 2 to 3 times a day for the first few days.
As the tattoo begins to dry out reduce washing to once or twice daily.
Do not pick or scratch at your tattoo.
Do not soak or submerge your tattoo in water for at least 3 weeks.
Keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight and tanning booths.
After about a week or so any scabbing that may have developed on your tattoo will most likely flake and peel off. Once the tattoo is done flaking you may begin using a small amount of unscented lotion.